Shocked, my mouth agape,

The kindness that you ration,

Seeing no escape,

I beg for your compassion,

In my hour of need,

No sympathy is given,

Consumed you are with greed,

Power hungry, hurt driven,

I keep defending you,

Taking nothing in return,

You cut my heart into,

A page you never turn,

Tell me how I fix it,

Make it go away,

This toxic fire always lit,

I love you anyway

By T.K. Tolbert





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bansheeFiery haired lasses,

in days of old

Men raising glasses

Brazen and Bold

Loving dear Ireland

Pride in their eyes

Become American

Still Irish inside

They boarded the boats

Ellis Island bound

A song in their throats

Adventures they found

To start life anew

To begin again

Accepted by few

Not treated like men

The Factories, the sweat shops

The slums they would fill

They worked harder non stop

A dream you can’t kill

With Fairies and Wee Folk

And green all around

Their spirits were not broke

A home land they found

The Irish, the children

Of the emerald isle

Descendants of strong men

Wanting and wild

They spread from the East

To the South, North and West

From famine to feast

They made life the best

Fiery haired lasses

Men Brazen and Bold

Raising their glasses

Or so I’ve been told

By T.K. Tolbert









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wisterTwisting rope, gnarled black pods adorning you like thorns. Wisteria, purple, beautiful, bursting slowly, drooping, lazily like spanning clusters of lavender grapes, drawing all eyes to you. Mysterious, wickedly elegant vine, veining, wrapping, quickening, climbing, choking, tightening, dying, hanging among all others, clinging, gasping until quick as you came with the Spring, hardening, lying dormant until your beauty returns.

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The Store (Coltersville)

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via Daily Prompt: Heard

I heard her coming down the hall. I flattened myself out under the covers. I prayed silently that ¬†she would move away from my door. I didn’t breathe for fear that she would hear me. I could taste the fear in my mouth. My eyelids stung and my jaws were clenched tight. My fists squeezed tight and sweat was beading up all over me. I had to take a breath. I could hear her moving further away. Her footfalls fainter than before. Suddenly my nostrils stung. I felt a sort of swelling in my throat. “a-choo” I tried to stifle it. I tried to not do it. My body was stiff as a board as she opened my door.

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