Addiction 3



Shocked, my mouth agape,

The kindness that you ration,

Seeing no escape,

I beg for your compassion,

In my hour of need,

No sympathy is given,

Consumed you are with greed,

Power hungry, hurt driven,

I keep defending you,

Taking nothing in return,

You cut my heart into,

A page you never turn,

Tell me how I fix it,

Make it go away,

This toxic fire always lit,

I love you anyway


Yesterday’s tears free and flowing,

Today although sad, I am numb,

Empathy, my heart has the knowing,

Wishing for healing to come,

Insanity, repeating, repeating,

Watching you hit self-destruct,

My heart ripped into and still beating,

Pain like a knife in my gut,

Methamphetamine made you feel special,

Methamphetamine made you feel new,

The importance of loved ones so crucial,

Suddenly meant nothing to you,

You used to be so very pretty,

So smart, so kind, I was proud,

Now you are ugly and petty,

Embarrassing, vulgar and loud,

You would gladly lay down with a stranger,

You would gladly throw lies in my face,

You have no regard for the danger,

You are homeless and have no real place,

I am in fear for your life my dear daughter,

Although you would tear mine to shreds,

It is like you have drowned in dark water,

No savior, no life boat ahead,

Here we are raising your offspring,

Picking up pieces for them,

Wondering what you were thinking,

leaving again and again,

The want for the drug has such power,

The drug they refer to as Meth,

I worry and watch for the hour,

When I’ll be informed of your death, 

I pray for it never to happen,

Some say it is part of God’s plan,

Your complexion, scab ridden and ashen,

Will you please go to rehab again?


A Banshee is an evil wretch

Lives to ruin and souls to fetch

The damned who crave that vile waste

Will gladly dance for just a taste

The Banshee spoils the addicts blood

Mothers tears come as a flood,

Salted, hot torrential rain

Those who love them feel their pain

Mindless, loveless, no willpower,

Scrounging, searching every hour,

Demands unrealistic, evil scourge,

Need to run, need to purge,

Black eyed Harpy, swallows them whole,

No light, no love, dark wounded soul,

Ripping from the heart each tiny shred,

The lack of endorphins in their head,

The Banshee thrashes, the Banshee screams,

The Banshee has vanquished hopes and dreams,

The Banshee fuels them, they crave a fix,

They have no choice the Banshee picks,

Between those they love and love for her,

She drives them dead, there is no cure,

Leaving them broken, self-loathing, impure

By T.K. Tolbert

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