ap1Heart beating, blood pumping,

Necessary to live, to love,

Breath filling your lungs, oxygen,

Necessary to your survival,

Eyes open, line of sight,

Necessary to see,

Limbs strong, limber,

Necessary to movement,

Mouth opens, mouth shuts, tongue and teeth,

Necessary to speak and eat,

Ears open,

Necessary for you to hear,

Fingers reach,

Necessary for you to touch,

Soul, life force within you,

Necessary for you to be you,

Brain, motor skills, movement, central,

Necessary for thought, imagination, all else,

Heart breaking, breath labored, Vision blurred,

Knees weak, tongue swollen, ears ringing,

Fingers clenched, Soul wounded, thoughts erratic,

Fear, fear of what will be, loss of sameness,

Whatever the situation, If self-inflicted or put upon you by another,

You may need to run, you may need to leave, you may need to create,

Embrace new, thoughts, new ideas, new people, new places,

Leave behind negative thought, people, places, things,

The universe will guide you,

Unfamiliar, unknown,

Change, love of self

Necessary for growth, Necessary for self-preservation, Necessary for happiness

By T.K. Tolbert




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I am a writer
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