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10549712_472043126317062_622851140_nAppalachian, in my heart,

From the Mountain, never part,

Lessons learned, from elders given,

Wood burned cook stove ,tended by women,

Long guns and breeches, squirrel and deer,

To mountain from beaches they had no fear,

They came from Scotland in great ships,

A smile in their eyes a prayer on their lips,

Sew a dress and sow a seed,

For city life they had no need,

Plant by the signs, follow the moon,

Church in the pines, pocket of runes,

Superstition, salt was thrown,

Spells from Scotland, now  unknown,

Babies born and remedies took,

Granny cured them with her book,

Eye of newt and feverfew,

Front row at church, very first pew,

Contradiction, way of life,

Children born to man and wife,

Hard working folk, One common goal,

In mines they choke, all digging coal,

Family first, ox and cattle,

They fought a good fight, an uphill battle,

Some they settled, they stayed put,

Some went elsewhere to put down root,

Still the blood runs in my veins,

When I think of home, I feel the pains,

Of days gone by, tales told before,

Of grannies, babies and mountain lore,

Into the cities some they went,

In factories their days were spent,

City life, new ways planned,

Never forgotten, mountain land,

If things would change for me this day,

I would go back to the mountain and there I would stay.

By T.K. Tolbert

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