wp13Hot Shower. Under things hand washed and hung but now dry. Black sleeveless tee. Button Fly straight leg Levis.Two full hours of primping. Applying foundation. Eyeliner. Eyeshadow layered. Lip liner. Blush. Powder and then mascara. Flipping hair upside down to rub in mousse. Picked out and scrunched. Gel applied, blown dry upside down. Flip again. Curl, tease. lipstick, more powder. Curl top and sides. Tease and pick out. Close eyes. Hold breath.Auqua Net. Two times. Long silver dangling earings with black and white beads. Black with white paisley print bandana folded once like a triangle tied loose around neck. Silver Metal chain wrap around belt. Black leather boots scrunched with silver buckle. Short waist leather jacket on. Black lace fingerless gloves. Long fingernails black. Black leather purse. Grey gunmetal cigarette case. Silver switch blade in boot. Zippo, hairspray, extra pack of Marlboro Light 100’s. Sucrets case, razor, EZ wider rolling papers. Hit the street. Heading into town walking  up Rhodes Avenue. Wearing your best, begged, borrowed and stole. Just cool enough for the leather. “Leather Weather”he would say. Cars passing. Windows down at the red light. Men, cat calling. Flip them off. Cut across the street at the bar. Horns honking, more cat calling. See them up ahead in alley. Call out, Catch up. Dole out a bummed smoke. Talk about the night. Full Moon. Music blaring. “Break down, go ahead and give it to me, Break down it’s all right”.  Concrete and brick porch. Candles lit. Smoke in the air. Black light inside.Cooler full of ice. Large Styrofoam cup, Two shots of Kessler, Cold Coca Cola. Marlboro Light. Robert Plant’s melodious voice floating through the air. Jimmy Page spewing magic elixir from his fingertips, “Kashmir”.

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