via Daily Prompt: Replacement

They wpizzahartill tell you the heart is an organ. It can stop, causing immediate death. It can palpitate, beat erratically, skip beats and also be restarted again with a shot of adrenaline or defibrillation. You can even find a replacement heart, should your heart become damaged due to a malfunction. Unfortunately you can have a healthy heart or receive a replacement and still have one that is broken. Your heart, your Soul, the part of you that feels the pain from the loss of a loved one, a child,parent, grandparent, friend or even a pet. The anguish and pain that your heart feels when a lover cheats, or a so-called friend betrays a confidence. You are stuck with that heart. You may be able to slowly fill the cracks with the joy of new love or a new passion. Still the broken heart is under the surface. Ready to fracture. There is no replacement to prevent that from happening. If only there were.

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