wp5It is cold this morning. My grandaughter is covering up with her blanket on the couch as I come down the hallway. I head into the kitchen to make coffee. I try not to make a lot of noise.  Everyone else is still asleep. My grandaughter says “MiMi what’s for breakfast?” I tell her I am making a Breakfast Bake but she can have a cookie for now. She jumps up from the couch with her blanket wrapped around her and walks into the kitchen. She is barefoot. I tell her to go get her slippers and come to the table. I reach into the cabinet for the green Tupperware container filled with cookies. Iced oatmeal are her favorite. I get her a cookie and some milk. She comes back and has a seat as I pour my coffee. She is wearing her house shoes that look like Husky dogs. I add half and half and a little sugar to my cup. I take a sip. The sun is shining as I look out my kitchen window. Everything is green and brown in the yard, except for the daffodils, they started blooming during the warm spell we had a few days ago. They are popping up along the edge of the yard. I had hoped the weather would not turn cold, the cold might kill them. I hope they survive. They are such a beautiful shade of yellow.Yellow

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