She is Sleepy


I was trying to rest. I didn’t  sleep well last night. The pain I was having was dull but ever-present. Surgery next week if all goes well. The heating pad was a comfort. I was reading a book by John Grisham. I was dozing off when the phone rang. I answered it on the second ring. “Mom”I heard her voice. I asked if everything was okay. “No, I gotta get outta here, he is going to tie me up in his mess if I don’t get away now.” I explained to her that I had loaned the car out. I didn’t go anywhere. Not until my surgery. “Mom, you have to come and get me”I told her I would figure something out. “Okay I will be waiting.” she said. I told her to make sure she answers her phone . I sat for a second. Standing could be painful. I went into the kitchen and took my cell phone off the charger. I scrolled through the call log and then dialed his number. He answered right  away. I asked him to please go pick up his sister at that shady little hotel on Merrimot. He didn’t protest, but I could tell he was not happy about it. I told him thanks and I loved him. Just then the phone beeped. I answered.” Heeeyyyy Baaaaby, whats for dinner?” I told him I had a couple of ideas but we were having company. “Who?, aaww I know who”. I groaned. I told him about the phone conversation I had with her.We finished talking and I got some antacids from the drawer. I got heartburn the minute she called, The doorbell rang. Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong. I yelled that I was coming. I opened the door. There she stood. She looked gaunt. Her eyes appeared to be sunk into dark circles. Her hair was stringy and looked dirty. She had colored it again. A sort of cherry bark red. Her skin was pasty and she had sores on her forehead and cheek. Her gray long-sleeved tee pulled to one side and I could see her collar bones. She snarled at me and slung her back pack inside the door. “That is why I hate Frickin coming here Mama, You look at me like I am a piece a shit”. I quickly tell her I am just worried. My son comes in and heads straight for the kitchen. “What ya got in the fridge?” he said as he opened it. I asked if she was hungry. She said “No, I just ate, I am full.” I knew she was telling me a lie. She had pink athletic pants and was wearing a black thong that you could clearly see. I could not help but look. Her hip bones were sticking out. I stared in amazement at what used to be such a beautiful girl. Tall and lean, not this scrawny, sickly figure. Beautiful long dark hair, porcelain skin. Jade green eyes. Funny and smart. Well mannered and kind. I heard the  screech of halting breaks. My son ran to the door “Mom, you should have said it was time for the bus. He ran down the drive and got my little granddaughter by the hand. My daughter said snidley “Great job forgetting about my kid Mom” she rolled her eyes and went down the hall. My granddaughter came barreling in the door. “MiMi, my teacher gave me a gold star!” I hugged her and told her I was so proud. My son said “Good Job, Hey Mom, I am going to eat that sub in the fridge. I sat down on the couch and my Grand daughter realized her Mommy’s backpack was in the corner. She ran down the hall screaming “Mommy, Mommy you’re here!” I turned on the television. One of those really awful live court tv shows was on. I pulled my heating pad behind me and I took a couple of ibuprofen. My son asked to borrow my car again. I told him that was fine. I could hear music coming from down the hall. It is one of those boy bands. I know they are dancing. playing like two little girls. This same scenario has happened more than once. I go to the kitchen and make dinner. Home made chicken soup since my youngest daughter is sick with a head cold. She was oblivious to all the yelling and music. She spent the day in her room sleeping. Gatorade on the night stand beside the tissues. I had given her some diphenhydramine earlier. It always made her sleep. The phone rang again. My husband was on his way home. I finished chopping the carrots and celery and dropped them in a skillet with some olive oil. I added the onions and garlic and began to chop the chicken. I used a shortcut,I  had one of those ready cooked rotisserie  chickens in the fridge. No one except my son would know. I had asked him to pick it up at the grocery yesterday. Finally after a little more effort soup was on. My Husband came in the door and bellowed “Fee Fi Fo Fum” as my granddaughter ran to him “Paw Paw”she squeeled as he picked her up. “I got a gold star” He said “Good Girl, where’s my other girl” My eldest daughter said “I dunno, Where is she Mom?” I told them all she was still sleeping but dinner was almost ready. I went in and woke her up while my husband changed out of his work clothes. I came down the hall just as my daughter was grabbing her backpack and heading out the door. My granddaughter started to yell “No Mommy, No, don’t leave ,Pehleeheese.Nooooo, Mommy” full on screaming and crying ensued. This is nothing new either, I look out just in time to see tail lights exiting my driveway. I told everyone to go ahead and eat while I knelt down and hugged my sobbing granddaughter.  My Mother in law came in to eat dinner. She rolled her eyes. I don’t have the strength to explain tonite. I hold my granddaughter until her sobbing stops. I asked her to eat dinner but she just shook her little head. My Mother in law walks by us and says “Isn’t she going to eat dinner tonite?” “No” I said. “She is Sleepy”.

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  1. There is so much love in this house, even amoung the turmoil. Sorry to see that there is such heart ache as well. Thank you for your interest in my blog. I look forward to following yours.

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